Begin with the End in Mind

If the last couple of years have taught us anything it is that memories are important. So you want to do a family portrait session, maybe even a generational portrait session. But times are tight, and your time is valuable so you don’t want to waste your time just to get a so-so image as a digital file that you can only make small prints of, you want works of art to hang on your walls.  

Edward likes to as Steven Covey put it “begin with the end in mind.” So if your perfect spot to hang the artwork is above the sofa, or fireplace Edward will create the image to fit that place. Maybe you want to do a grouping of photos for the hallway Edward will create the images with that in mind as well. Or maybe you have limited space but still want to tell the story of your family, Edward can capture all the photos you have in mind and turn them into an heirloom album that you can display and cherish for generations to come. Whatever your unique situation Edward uses a consultation to understand what you are looking for and plans the photo session according to your needs.


Whether you want to meet in person or virtually Edward uses this opportunity to better understand your family and what it is you would like to accomplish with your portrait session. Not exactly sure what you would like from your portrait session, that’s not a problem either Edward will listen to you and make some suggestions based on your conversations. 

The consultation is designed to do several things. First it is an opportunity to have Edward answer all your questions about the portrait session. What should we wear? Where is the best place to do the portraits? Do I have to smile in all the photos? Can we bring our dog, cat, horse, (insert favorite animal here)? Whatever questions you may have Edward will answer them for you during the consultation.  

The consultation also helps Edward understand your unique needs too though and it will help him understand your family dynamics much better so that he can create portraits that not only look good but tell the story of your family.

The Photo Session

If you’ve had your family portraits taken before you might remember the time as just a bit stressful; maybe not everyone was on board, or things just weren’t going right that day. Not to worry. Edward has a very laid-back approach to creating the works of art that you will love. As a former schoolteacher Ed has learned that things rarely ever go as planned so he has learned how to be prepared in advance, adjust and move forward. Patience is the key to getting those great portraits you want to display in your home so just kick back and relax we’ve got this.

The Reveal and Order Session

Approximately one week after your portrait session Ed will meet with you for your portrait reveal and order session. During this session we show you how different sized images will look when hanging on your wall and can provide you with some options with photo collections.  Since this is the time we set aside to finalize your portrait order so be sure to schedule a time when both mom and dad can be there.


About 4-6 weeks after your order has been placed your portraits will be delivered to you in person. We will call you to schedule a time to meet to deliver your portraits at your convenience. Let us know if you want to meet us at our office, or if you would like us to bring them to your home (or even your work if you are wanting to surprise your family with the finished images)


The hard work is over, your portraits are on the walls of your home, your family album is proudly displayed on your coffee table and you are receiving message after message about how incredible your holiday cards are. Go ahead it’s time to bask in the spotlight and take credit for those beautiful humans that are your children and enjoy seeing those that you love on the walls of you home EVERY SINGLE DAY.